Ready body language

Ready body language

A significant cluster of body movements are all about being ready for something.

Language of readiness

A ready body is poised for action.


Any part of the body may be pointing at where the person is thinking about. This may be another person or the door. This may be as subtle as a foot or as obvious as the whole body leaning. Eyes may also repeated flash over in the intended direction.


The body is tensed up and ready for action. If sitting, hands may hold onto armrests in readiness to get up. Legs are tensed ready to lift the body. Things in the hand are gripped. Attention is away from everything except the intended direction.


The hands may slightly hook clothing, in particular with thumbs hooked into the waistband. This is like a not-quite putting of hands in pockets, indicating the person is relaxed but ready to move quickly.


Where there is movement, it is in preparation for further movement. Legs uncross. Hands grab bags, straighten clothing, and so on. The whole body leans in the intended direction.

Reasons for readiness

There can be several reasons for a ready body language.


The person may want to leave. Perhaps they have another appointment. Perhaps they are uncomfortable with the situation and just want to get out of there.

Ready to buy

When a person is ready to buy, then they may send readiness signals. They point at the thing they want to buy or the contract that needs selling.

Continuing conversation

Readiness may also be to talk more. When you are talking and they show readiness signals, maybe they just want to say something.

Ready to fight

When a person sees a real or verbal fight coming up, they put their body in a position where they can move quickly, either to attack or to defend.



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